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Purchase a Gift Certificate is a free website "marketplace" that connects you to local nonprofit organizations. Anyone can use to donate immediately and securely. Gift Certificates are a simple way for you to share the good feeling you get from giving with your friends, your family, your colleagues at work - anyone you want to inspire! Our gift certificates make terrific holiday, birthday, or any-reason gifts. They show you care about the recipient, and about your community. Best of all, whoever receives your gift certificate gets to choose the nonprofit projects and causes they care about to donate to.

Enter your preferred gift card amount, between $10 and $5,000, to purchase your Gift Certificate and become an instant hero to friends, family and your community!

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  • Give to your children's teacher for a class project in learning about how they can make a difference in the lives of people in our community who need a helping hand.
  • Give to your colleagues at the office. Get around the question of what's appropriate. Giving someone the experience of philanthropy is always correct!
  • Give to your kids on their birthday. It's hard to find presents that engage and empower. will do both and maybe turn out to be their favorite gift!

How to Spend your Gift Certificate

  1. Look for a Project happening right now in your Northeast Florida community.
  2. Click Give Now.
  3. Enter your name, email, and special gift certificate code (located on your gift certificate or within the body of your email) and spend your gift certificate. You may spend all or a portion of your gift certificate at any one time.

Check your Gift Certificate Balance

Have a Gift Certificate? Enter your code (supplied with your email) to find out your gift certificate balance! You may also track your previous gift certificate transactions.

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