How It Works

What is is a free website "marketplace" that connects local nonprofit organizations to our community. People and groups who want to give to the projects they see on can donate immediately and securely. was created by and is administered by the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, Inc.. The Nonprofit Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help the nonprofit sector carry out its important work by offering training, resources, and advocacy.

Nonprofits use donations to build playgrounds; renovate community centers; buy equipment, toys, and school supplies; and improve the programs they provide in Northeast Florida. The project pages on are created by the nonprofits themselves and reflect their immediate and urgent needs.

Each nonprofit project has a start and end date and is limited to $5,000. Donors can see the impact of their donations immediately on the website. They can track the progress of the project and decide to become more involved by using or by working with the nonprofit agency. Giving through is the simplest way to start getting involved with the charities and services that make our community better.

How Works for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations visit either or the Nonprofit Center website - click on the Submit A Project button, and fill in a simple template that lets them create their own online project page. There is no charge for nonprofits to post a project on the website. An organization may create as many project pages as they have legitimate needs.

The Nonprofit Center confirms that the submitting organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS ( and that their project meets the eligibility criteria Eligibility Guidelines.

The administrator approves the project and sends the submitting organization a confirmation that their project is now live and posted on the website. The confirmation also provides the organization with a specific URL or website address to use to direct supporters and friends to their project page.

How Works for the Giver

Supporting local nonprofits through is a simple and secure online transaction ( uses PayPal). When a visitor clicks on the "Give Now" button, they receive an instant receipt and acknowledgement, and if they choose, correspondence from the nonprofit whose project they are donating to.

Donations are deposited in the account, earmarked for the specific project, and redistributed by the Nonprofit Center to the project they chose. is a "pass through" for these donations. 100 percent of the funds donated are tax deductible. verifies that the organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tracks your investment and guarantees that it goes to the charity that you chose.

Donors Rights and the Nonprofit Center believe that donors have rights (Donors Bill of Rights (PDF)) and will not allow organizations that fail to observe these rights to continue to participate on the website. Each nonprofit is responsible for recognizing their project supporters. encourages all donors to learn about the organizations they invest in, including visiting and other sites that provide information about nonprofit organizations.

How is Funded? is supported by the Nonprofit Center and by local leaders in philanthropy, including the Henry and Lucy Gooding Endowment, the DuBow Family Foundation, the Community Foundation in Jacksonville and EverBank. Sustaining revenue is, in part, generated by the small transaction fee charged to nonprofit organizations participating in

Are donations tax deductible? donations are fast, convenient and 100 percent tax deductible. Every single project featured has been submitted by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. When you make a donation through our website, you will receive a receipt from Paypal and a confirmation email from Be sure to save and/or print the receipt and/or confirmation e-mail you receive for your tax records.

How does my nonprofit organization receive the donations?

Project donations are collected in a bank account, then distributed to the participating nonprofit organizations on a regular schedule (bi-weekly or monthly) by check.

Paypal charges a small transaction fee (1.5%) that the Nonprofit Center applies to the nonprofit's donations. In addition, the Nonprofit Center applies a small (1.5% for members of the Nonprofit Center or 3.5% for nonmembers) administrative fee to help sustain

As required by the Internal Revenue Service,, a project of the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, Inc. has exclusive legal control over the donation. In the rare event that a project you have chosen no longer satisfies the eligibility that has been set forth by (i.e., it has been classified by the IRS as a disqualified supporting organization, it cannot or does not accept donations, is not recognized by the IRS as a public charity, or is not in good standing with federal and state regulators), will select an alternate project to receive your donated funds.

We're a small nonprofit with limited resources; how can help?

We provide nonprofits, large and small, with tools to connect with their community and fundraise online. Our template is fast and easy to use: Submit a Project

Is there a limit to the number of projects that a nonprofit organization can post at one time?

No, there currently is no limit. However, the projects must represent legitimate needs. Because is a vibrant community website, we encourage organizations to think outside of the box when choosing and describing posted projects.

How do project pages work?

Fill out your Project submission here. It may take up to 5 working days for Nonprofit Center staff to review, approve, and post your Project. Your organization will receive an email when the project is posted and ready for donations along with the URL link for your team to promote the project through your social media, newsletters, and emails.