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Help Keep Five Kids Safe During Afterschool Hours

Goal: Raise funds to sponsor five kids afterschool care for a month.

Total Project Value: $1,300

Project End Date: 1/31/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,870 | Goal Amount: $1,300


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Gary, Jacksonville

Project Description

JaxPAL is raising money to cover the cost of tuition for afterschool care and field trips for one month for five children.

Through the JaxPAL afterschool program children will receive a hot nutritional meal or snack which gives them enough energy to actively participate. Additionally, they also receive academic support, character development, structured enrichment activities, field trips, exposure to sports, the arts and the opportunity to forge lasting, positive relationships with law enforcement officers.
Our afterschool program is staffed by certified teachers and trained youth development educators. On average, we serve 600 students each school year in a safe and structured environment.

Through your support of this initiative we can keep these kids stay safe during afterschool hours as the majority of those we serve reside in high-crime neighborhoods.

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