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Children's Champion

Goal: To support ECS's early childhood education program for children and families.

Total Project Value: $2,000

Project End Date: 2/22/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,160 | Goal Amount: $2,000


It's always great to help a local nonprofit, especially one of your clients.

Nick, Jacksonville, FL

Project Description

Episcopal Children's Services (ECS) helps under-served children in Northeast and Central Florida build a strong foundation for educational success. Working with children from birth to age 5 - the most critical years for cognitive development - ECS's dedicated teachers and staff use curriculum based on the latest research and best practices to help families ensure their youngsters enter school ready to learn.

Children in poverty face certain struggles as they develop and grow, which will likely follow and burden them for the rest of their lives. These are children who, like all children, deserve a chance. Poverty is the single greatest predictor of social failure among America's children and it impacts children's development especially hard. Children in poverty are more likely to enter kindergarten with insufficient skills, read below grade level, be held back in school, have learning disabilities, not graduate high school, and become incarcerated. By providing services to our children AND their parents, we hope to create a meaningful and long-lasting difference in the communities we serve.

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