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Happy Young Moms Equals Healthy Babies

Goal: To provide much-needed therapeutic support services to pregnant teens and young mothers, ages 14-18

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 10/1/2017

Status: Amount Given: $75 | Goal Amount: $2,500


I enjoy because it's one-stop shopping for all my favorite causes!

Tuesday, Jacksonville

Project Description

St. Gerard Campus is a nonprofit organization, residence/maternity home, fully accredited high school and day care center designed to support pregnant teenagers and young mothers age 14-18. St. Gerard Campus ensures pregnant and parenting girls have safe and stable housing, graduate from high school, develop parenting skills, and feel supported during their pregnancy and in their early parenting experiences. Babies live on site with their moms and/or spend time in the on-site early childhood development day care center while their moms are in school.

Most of these girls, if not all, have had one or several traumatic experiences in their lives, such as loss of a parent, abuse and neglect, homelessness, separation from loved ones, and/or dating violence. They often experience emotional distress, worry, sadness, and serious mental health concerns.

Funding for an onsite therapist is limited. This project will ensure a licensed, qualified therapist is available on a weekly basis to: provide individual counseling to girls living in the residence hall, respond to crises as needed, consult/collaborate with staff and house parents on meeting the girls' emotional needs. Funding will cover the expense of therapeutic services for 6 months.

When young moms are emotionally healthy, their babies' development is best supported. Happy young mommies equals healthy babies!

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