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Girls Inc. Summer Camp and Afterschool Program

Goal: To inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart & Bold!

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 1/3/2018

Status: Amount Given: $3,690 | Goal Amount: $2,500


My grade 4 class in Makwa Sahgiehcan First Nation,in Canada, took money from their year end class trip to donate to the Haiti children. They need help more than ever right now and we are happy to donate to them!

Cheryl, Loon Lake Saskatchewan, Canada

Project Description

Girls participating in Girls Inc. Elementary Afterschool, Middle School and Summer programs will be more likely to:

-Read at grade level, pass core classes, and graduate on time
-Avoid substance abuse and risky behaviors
-Have successful high paying careers

Please join us today in creating a better future for the 1100+ at-risk girls we serve every year in Jacksonville. Growing up is serious business. Every dollar spent on a Girls Inc. prevention program will save countless dollars later. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Your Investment in Girls Inc. has a huge impact. Will you be in her corner so she can succeed? Become a project supporter of Girls Inc. of Jacksonville today!

*I understand that my donation to Girls Inc. of Jacksonville is given without any restrictions.

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