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Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Goal: Give girls the resources to be tomorrow's leaders.

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 1/11/2019

Status: Amount Given: $14,650 | Goal Amount: $2,500


I love - they make it so easy to make a difference. It's also nice to know that each of the organizations on here has been vetted and approved and that my donation is going straight to those in need.

Jenna, Jacksonville

Project Description

At Girl Scouts, we believe that when girls succeed so does society. Whether they’re assembling robots, planting trees, collecting cans of food or learning how to sail, Girl Scouts are building a better world for all of us.

Girl Scouting is the world's preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. With more than 105 years partnering with parents, schools, faith institutions, and the community, Girl Scouting prepares girls to succeed in school and in life.

All our programs are research and evidence based. The Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) delivers customer-centric, data-driven insights across the Girl Scout Movement and beyond. GSRI measures the impact of Girl Scout programming and leads national conversations about girls and their development via groundbreaking original studies.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) begins with a research-based definition of leadership that girls understand and believe: a leader is defined not only by the qualities and skills she has, but how she uses those qualities and skills to make a difference. GSLE helps girls DISCOVER themselves and their values, CONNECT with others locally and globally, and TAKE ACTION to make the world a better place.

But we need your help to ensure every girl in Northeast Florida develops the courage, confidence and character that Girl Scouts nurtures. Your investment in today's girls is a commitment to tomorrow's leaders.

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