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Lost and Found Makeover for John Stockton Elementary School

Goal: To completely makeover the lost and found to be the model school for this part of our program.

Total Project Value: $500

Project End Date: 1/21/2019

Status: Amount Given: $100 | Goal Amount: $500


What an easy way to help senior citizens in our area, even with a small donation.

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

On Wednesday, May 30th we will be going to John Stockton Elementary to give them a lost and found makeover. We need to order racks, shelving, organizational bins, custom Giving Closet bags, posters, t-shirts for GCP Student Service Clubs and signage that will be displayed in the Lost and Found Area. We want to showcase before and after pictures, so staff, students and parents can see how much more efficient their lost and found can operate. Since April 2016, our organization has laundered over 50,000 pounds of clothing from unclaimed lost and found piles. Yes, we give it back to students in need, but it would be great to have students reunite with their lost items before schools donate to our organization. We want to purchase a bulletin board to display before and after pictures, volunteer opportunities, drives and upcoming events to spread more awareness of our programs and services.

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